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Online Video Hearings (OVH) are now an alternative to phone hearings

Excerpts from the notice sent by ALJ John Rabaut, Acting Regional Chief ALJ, Chicago Region regarding online video hearings.

"Back in September 2020, Commissioner Andrew Saul announced that we were beginning to roll out the option to appear at an ALJ hearing by online video using a free online platform called Microsoft Teams."

"For additional information, please visit our webpage SSA Hearing Options Available During COVID-19 and the SSA Coronavirus (COVID-19) resource webpage."

"We have done much testing and training, and we are pleased to announce that all SSA Administrative Law Judges are now available for OVH (including those already scheduled for a phone hearing if you wish)."

"We are very excited to offer this new option to participate in hearings. Using Microsoft Teams allows the judge, the claimant, and the representative to see each other and for the hearing audio to be recorded clearly."


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